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Welcome 2 Bolii!!!


Catch up with Bolii's travels, local pop-up shops, fashion philosophies and more.

Welcome 2 Bolii!!!

Katie Bolin

 Me during a photoshoot I forced on my sweet and loving boyfriend on our vacation in Iceland

Me during a photoshoot I forced on my sweet and loving boyfriend on our vacation in Iceland


My name is Katie. Everyone calls me Katie.

Welcome to my shop that's full of weird and fun everything, painted mostly in my bedroom streaming very cool tv (seriously, Netflix original shows are KILLING it).

☁️⚡💞 Origin Story ☁️⚡💞

I started painting on clothes for two reasons:

A) I was hand painting all of the merch for my pop band DENNIS ( and wanted to experiment with crazier designs

B) I had been painting aliens and girls with futuristic hair for a while on canvas, but quickly realized people don't really like buying canvases as much as they LOVE buying new clothes. So I started putting my paintings on clothing instead, and Bolii was born.

Here are the two that started it all–both shirts I made as merch for DENNIS:

And here are a few of the aliens:

Now I just put all this weird stuff on clothes and sling them here!

Body positivity at Bolii

I totally support body positivity and order clothes of all sizes to paint on. Supporting plus size fashion and the plus size community is a huge passion of mine. Every body deserves dopeness–that's why I offer sizes up to 3X, and up to 5X when I can find them from my wholesalers. ❤️

See you soon!!

If you're in the Minneapolis area, I'll be selling tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and totes at Made Here's 5 to 10 on Hennepin artist market starting 9/1 and a few more dates TBD in the fall. I hope you can come see all my pieces in person–there will be a lot of dogs, cats, and feminist stuff painted on everything, and definitely some weird creatures!

ttyl and lyl,