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Bolii Featured in Minnesota Monthly Magazine!!

Katie Bolin


I'm VERY excited to be included on this list by Minnesota Monthly Magazine of Minnesota brands who donate to social causes. Starting this year, I chose to donate $5 of each sale to Planned Parenthood—you can read more about why I chose Planned Parenthood here

Even though we may be going through some turbulent times politically and socially as a country, it's important to channel the lemons-into-lemonade ideology (thanks, Bey!). If funding is being threatened to any cause you believe is important, there are always ways you can offset the bad. Whether that's holding something simple and warmhearted like a bake sale and donating the money, attending a protest to voice your concern, or dedicating a portion of your paycheck each month—there's always something you can do to help that will make a difference. You are important and your ideas matter. 

XOXO Katie