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About Bolii, the handpainted clothing line based in Minneapolis and founded by artist K. Bolii. 

 Bolii in Iceland, 2016.

Bolii in Iceland, 2016.

About Bolii

The hand-painted fashion line all about wearable weirds and big messages.

The artist & Bolli

K. Bolii is an artist, pop music producer, and creative director based in Minneapolis, MN. She has been drawing and painting her entire life, working with canvas and clothing as her primary mediums of focus.

The artist began her work with clothing in 2014 when she created a collection of hand-painted merchandise for her pop band DENNIS.

After falling in love with clothing as a medium, the artist launched Bolii in 2015 as a space to explore further how hand-painted graphic design intersects with wearable art. 

Bolii is slow fashion at its core, as each piece is hand-painted one-by-one in the artist's studio. The singular approach to creating one piece at a time has shifted both the artist and wearer's perspective on how we respect clothing in the age of disposable fast fashion. Using everyday streetwear as her blank canvas, Bolii aims to bring artistic energy through accessible design to the masses.

Surrounding the 2016 presidential election, political messaging became a central part of Bolii's painting focus and creative direction. Exploring the cross section between protest art and fashion, the artist designed a feminist collection that struck a chord with women across America. The artist donates pieces annually to the Planned Parenthood of Illinois Roe v. Wade fundraiser, and continually donates proceeds from select designs to Planned Parenthood and

Canvas paintings

Influenced by pop art, bursting saturated colors, and cartoon illustration, the artist's continuing canvas work is a dedicated character study of alien faces and forms. The series explores the intersections of eccentric beauty and diversity by attempting to dismantle ethnocentric ideals and the concept of "the other." The characters together create a multi-dimensional universe where each vastly different subject is living their best life full of love and true respect for themselves and all life forms in existence.

She hopes to finish a collection of 50 by 2022. Approximately 15 have been completed since the series launched in 2014. 


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