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Sweatshirts + Hoodies

Hand-painted sweatshirts and hoodies designed and created in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Bolii. 

Ban Billionaires Hand-Painted Sweatshirt

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Ban Billionaires Hand-Painted Sweatshirt

from 50.00

It's time to do the obvious—ban billionaires. 

Think about it: What are they even doing hoarding all that money? Why are they the only hoarders that the seminal T.V. show "Hoarders" have conveniently left out of their series? 

It's time to spread the message: billionaires shouldn't exist (them or their tiny hands!) Help spread the mission by wearing this dope, hand-painted sweatshirt. $5 will be donated to Planned Parenthood from the sale of this sweatshirt (you'll be heroically helping those in need—unlike the sad! billionaires running the world). 

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Hand-Painted on a Gildan or Eco-friendly Hanes Sweatshirt
Available in plus-size
50% cotton and 50% polyester
Washer and dryer safe
Tip: Wash sparingly and lay flat to dry to keep the piece poppin' longer.